Radio and television – quo vadis?

Are radio and television old school advertising channels on their last leg or will they stay afloat?

Our team at Must Muna brainstorms, creates and produces a wide variety of radio and video commercials for both online channels and public space. Oftentimes a campaign will include several different mediums to achieve the best results in these information abundant times. We provide radio and television clips and animated solutions. We cooperate with all media channels in television, on the radio, in public spaces as well as online media. Our production department also makes props and decorations needed for production.


In recent years, the demand for video clips has increased. This is largely due to outdoor and indoor screens, and especially due to social media. More and more TV commercials never make it to television, as viewers tend to skip them and only the biggest players can overcome this tendency; whereas, on social media, even smaller companies have a chance to get attention that equals to that of large corporations. Production of video clips is not expensive either.  Depending on the marketing objectives, more sophisticated productions can be replaced with simpler animations, and more complex special effects can be done with the help of computers.


Video ads are on a winning streak on social media, especially on Facebook, as moving images allow for much more information and engaging content than a mere photographic advertisement.


However, there is no reason to fear the disappearance of TV shows. Television commercials are often replaced with more creative solutions – a banner is displayed along with a TV show or in close proximity to TV shows, or product placement might be organised in the show itself. A lot of Estonians might know Must Muna from domestic television series.


However, radio advertising is still in good shape – radio is often listened to from a distance as background noises and people rarely feel like walking over to change the station during commercials. Of course, it is especially important to stand out from the rest when it comes to radio commercials, and in order to do so, you have to invest a bit to create an engaging text in cooperation with an advertising agency. Although compilation of radio commercial texts is included on the price lists of radio stations, opting for that solution often results in an ad created to an overused pattern (e.g. a dialogue of a dumb man and a wise woman), which may not be optimal for getting attention.


So, contrary to popular belief in the 80s, video has not killed the radio star – radio is still in great shape and video commercials are the ones who have to adapt to changes.

Post author: Must Muna / Published: May 15, 2018