Fixus campaign 2018

A comprehensive marketing plan of the Fixus store chain for automotive goods, car service shops, and bicycle stores started with the mapping of the situation through a thorough market survey and continued with an advertising campaign built on the results of the survey.


The challenge was to launch the promotional integration of two fields, i.e. bicycles and cars, into a whole while simultaneously preserving the identities and strengths of both fields of activity.


As part of the campaign, we created a comprehensive media plan, which included an intensive series of short radio clips derived from the current slogan, both in the field of cars and bicycle stores, image advertising in the print media, the creation of new promotional vehicles, and the further development of the concept of the current page of special offers into a format with more journalistic content. The campaign also included updates of the general visual and message language, the growth of social media coverage, and smaller sub-campaigns and actions.

Project manager: Kaie / Creative director: Janar / Designer: Andreas / Client: Balti Autoosad
The dynamics of the campaign provided for the gradual expansion of the current message language with the development of visuals supporting this.
We took the direct mail for special offers to a whole new level. The result was an insert with journalistic content between the pages of renowned daily newspapers.
Fixus ajaleht turunduskampaania